Six Weeks With Chicks

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Black Australorp (foreground) and Easter Eggers (background)

Our baby chicks are growing up. Once little fuzzballs, they are now looking like real hens… or roosters. Though we asked for pullets (females under a year old), it’s hard to tell boys from girls when they’re fresh out of the egg, so, more than occasionally a male slips through when people order females. [click to read on...]


Summertime Means Watermelons

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This year, we must have done something right, watermelon-wise, because they are sprawling everywhere, snatching onto every available hold with their super-strong tendrils. A good portion of the plants have overgrown the raised beds, which means I have to watch my step, lest I step on something like that pictured above. And below. [click to read on...]


The Growing Sanctuary Population

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How could one resist this face?

June 08, 2014 at 0854AM

Well, we didn’t. This is Cocoa, our eldest son’s dog, who joined the family after our softhearted child saw one of those awful tear-jerking sad-animal commercials on TV, and came to us crying and determined to do something to help. Of course, help couldn’t just be donating a few bucks to the cause — we had to bring another creature home. [click to read on...]


The Days Of Flourishing

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Things are looking very promising in the garden, though I keep feeling like I’m behind, somehow. Perhaps it’s because my tomato plants sat in containers growing root-bound for a seemingly interminable amount of time, while we got things (somewhat) together for raised bed #2.

But, as soon as the tomatoes, and everything else, went into the ground, they perked right up and attempts at reproduction commenced. Right now I’m instituting my Reemay-covering plan for the summer squash, trying to keep those dreaded squash vine borers at bay so they can’t lay eggs on my beautiful plants.

June 04, 2014 at 0845AM

The squash blossoms so far have been all male — I have to check as I’m the designated pollinator for these covered darlings. [click to read on...]