First Look Review: New Age Living Commercial Blender BL1500

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My old blender has developed something of an inferiority complex since our latest kitchen gadget arrived. The old one (which cost something like $20) began fading into the background starting a few weeks ago, when I tried to make my son what seemed to be a simple smoothie with milk, frozen berries and a frozen banana. Tried being the key word, as I ended up mostly frustrated as I stopped and started and rearranged ingredients with a spoon. [click to read on...]


The Summertime Garden Update

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It’s been a bit of a crazy time around the homestead, where we’re just living from day to day and trying to get through our existing commitments, rather than taking on new and exciting things.

I’ve been taking care of the garden as best I can (despite predation incidents); I’m still baking bread weekly or even more often; the chicks are growing steadily (we’re about 6 weeks from potential egg-laying); and the boys are enjoying day camp, where they’re seeing movies, doing lots of swimming, and taking field trips to fun locales. So there haven’t been a lot of stories to tell.

But, today, I pulled out the camera and documented some of the sights hereabouts, so I could share the everyday.

Purple Sage Blossoms

Purple Sage Blossoms

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The Egg Update: Backyard Chickens at 10 Weeks

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We still have a few weeks until they begin gracing us with eggs, but watching them remains quite entertaining. They like watermelon and do an amazing job of cleaning up the rinds after our children have had their fill. But their favorite treat, by far, is black soldier fly larvae which, luckily for them, happen to hatch in our compost pile. Watching them dig into a pile of compost and pick out those wiggling larvae is a joy to behold — because they are chickens demonstrating the ultimate in chicken-ness, something that wouldn’t happen even in many “free range” egg operations. [click to read on...]


Crusty, Delicious Artisan Bread At Home

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I went to a get-together for neighborhood women this week and, within a few minutes of my walking in the door, someone shoved a piece of paper into my hand, insisting I use the email address she’d written there to send her the recipe for the pot-luck item I’d brought: No-Knead Bread.


I’d thought I was late to the game trying this bread so long after it had become a foodie media sensation, but, apparently, there are still people out there who aren’t privy to the wonders of no-knead bread. So I thought I’d share the recipe here. [click to read on...]